B: Bottom-Up - Company & Industry Analysis

  • What is cheap/rich among companies' securities?
  • Where does company fit in competitive space? What industry advantages, challenges?
  • Are company securities cheap or rich to it's peers?
  • We value all securities in companies capitalization

R: Revaluation Catalyst

  • Given valuation, what expedites revaluation?
    • Hard events, plausible, foreseeable and probability-weighted

A: Actors (Interested Parties) Assessment

  • What's in the financial self-interest or the varied constituents?
    • Management, shareholders, bondholders, competitors, vendors, etc
  • How would predicable possible behaviors influence outcomes?

C: Capital Structure Valuation

  • Are there intra-capital arbitrage opportunities? Inter-creditor issues?
    • Dig deep into Credit Agreements, Indentures to unearth opportunities
    • Where is most attractive risk-adjusted return in company capitalization?

E: Externalities, Exogenous Factors - Macro, Process, Technical, Legal Considerations

  • Macro or geopolitical matters weigh on investment thesis, trading levels?
  • Who's buying, selling, why?
  • What are critical calendar dates that can impact trading levels to determine optimal entry or exists from investments; influence sizing of positions?

Lupoff Friends and Family Interests - Investing Options

Investment Philosophy

In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing

what they love–Warren Buffett

•I love what I do, have a personal investing style (“BRACE”), and will do this my whole life
•I seek to create wealth for me and my family, and you, by virtue of our community of interest
•In investment perspective, I aim to be right, not necessarily consistent
•I do not trade for trading sake, but to enhance risk/return probabilities
•I work hard to wring out human biases
•Success is growing my family’s and Client account balances

THE NEED TO FILL (For us, for you)

  • Traditional investment vehicles, managers, have built in biases
  • Stability of fees to pay for manager infrastructure, manager franchise vs client objectives
  • Stability and growth of assets to insure manager wealth vs creating client wealth (or client wealth is coincidental)
  • Are you frustrated by the high fees paid for low returns paid to indifferent strangers, organizations?  
  • NEED TO FILL: An investment manager operating with a community of interest among client and manager - not a conflict

How it Works

Nature is pleased with simplicity, and nature is no dummy – Isaac Newton

•Lupoff Friends and Family’s Accounts are custodied at Interactive Brokers
•We open you a sub-account in your name ($100,000 minimum)
•You pay 0% (Lupoff Concentrate) or agree to a 1% management fee per annum (Lupoff Tactical, Lupoff Income) and normal trade transaction fees paid       ratably by all Clients (even me, my wife and son)
•We sign a Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) Agreement. This is your account, I just have authority to trade it unless you terminate

LUPOFF's Proprietary

BRACE Methodology

​BRACE: To make steady; secure against pressure or impact

Lupoff Friends and Family Interests

A single family office investing for Friends and Family – The Solution

•We invest with you, together
•With narrowness of purpose – to make us money, together
•A camel is a horse designed by a Committee – we will harness the HORSE
•I do all the investment research, utilizing my BRACE Methodology
•We eat our own cooking
•I and my family are invested with you side-by-side
•All investments are held ratably
•No performance fees unless we outperform (Lupoff Concentrate) or modest management fees only (Lupoff Tactical, Lupoff Income)
•This is about wealth, not franchise

 Contact Us Request Presentation Materials, New Account Forms, schedule a call or visit.

The Investment Products

We eat our own cooking 

Lupoff Concentrate – High Conviction Portfolio
Lupoff Tactical - Macro, Rebalanced, Seeking Safe Market Exposure

Lupoff Income – High, Sustainable, Growing Dividend

•$100,000 minimum
•Continuously Available

All Accounts Custodied at Interactive Brokers

Impact Investing Managed Account and Individual/Family Consultation - Investing to achieve social returns (as you define) along with return of capital

and return on capital. Co-Invest with us side-by-side, but in your owned, directed account. We are advising parents and children on the construction of

Impact Portfolios which we build together. Participate (we recommend with your children) in our educational programs. Learn and incorporate children's

long-term social/environmental objectives into a portfolio that creates economic return as well. In so doing, develop a stronger legacy and family bond

via a shared longer-term view.

Family Offices and Institutions: Retain us to perform due diligence, subscribe to due diligence tear sheets.