Net Impact inspires and equips emerging leaders to build a more just and sustainable world.

Today's students and emerging professionals will bring positive change to the world's most pressing challenges. Net Impact is a leadership accelerator for these future changemakers.

Our programs help new leaders broaden their thinking, building their networks, and scale their impact beyond just individual actions. Simple ideas - from healthy school lunches to water conservation - become power initiatives with real impact.

With 400+ chapters in nearly 40 countries, the Net Impact network is a diverse and determined force for good. Their local actions create ripples that reach tens of thousands of individuals, and make and impact on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Care about empowering the next generation to drive change for the benefit of people and planet, to operate as responsible stewards of companies and capital? Please consider a generous donation to help expand the number of engaged, responsible young professionals

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Bio-Ethics and Empathy                                                                                                                NexGenRegen Cogency May 2019

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Kill the Messenger!  Climate Denial and Believing the Lies we Want to Hear                         NexGenRegen Cogency May 2019

Social Media and Civility                                                                                                              The Putnam County News & Recorder October 2018

Numbers and Narrative                                                                                                           Lupoff Friends and Family, October 2016