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World Policy Institute is a non-profit organization and its Fellows are available for consultation, commissioned proprietary projects and speaking engagements.

Peter M. Lupoff is a World Policy Institute Advisory Counsel Member and Fellow, with focus on: Economy and Markets, Behavioral Finance, Impact Investing, and Market Shock and Dislocation.

Peter also is a contributing writer for The Putnam County News & Recorder and other periodicals, with a focus on the intersection of politics, sports and pop-culture, as well as finance and financial market matters.

Contact Peter for speaking engagements and/or related writing and/or research projects:  t 646.840.4925     e   

Character, Moral Casualness, Trade Claims - When is There a Trade?                                   Reorg Research December 2018

Peter M. Lupoff, Fellow - World Policy Institute

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World Policy Institute, Lupoff Articles, White Papers 

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