The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house - Audre Lorde

Nothing about us without us

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Where you stand depends upon where you sit - Miles Law

How we use money is an expression of who we are & all that we believe. We may choose to be unconscious, as in the past we have ignored the truth about cigarettes, coal, slavery, cultural genocide, & so many other issues - Joel Solomon

Peter M. Lupoff - BIO

People seldom do what they believe in. They do

what is convenient, then repent - Bob Dylan

Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about - Ralph Waldo Emerson

​​Peter M. Lupoff is the Chief Executive Office of Net Impact, a 160,000+ member organization with a mission to inspire, equip and activate emerging leaders amongst students and professionals to bring positive change to the world's most pressing challenges, and CEO of the affiliated think-tank, GOOD Institute. Peter is also managing member of Lupoff/Stevens Family Office, his family's vehicle for direct and third party impact investments, as well as other grant-making, advisory, research, teaching and writing activities. Peter is a Gabelli Fellow at Fordham University. He was Fordham Gabelli School of Business, Executive in Residence (2018-19). Mr. Lupoff was Advisor to student-managed funds at Yale School of Management and Yale University, where he also was a Special Lecturer related to Impact Investing and Investment Research (2016-19). A Fellow at think tank, World Policy Institute, Peter expands his work on  Impact Investing and private market solutions to pressing issues effecting people and planet. Peter is a Member of the Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium. Peter is also President of Clean Power for Humanity, a non-profit with the objective of bringing green power to rural developing world communities, to expand education and commerce.

In 2009, Lupoff  founded registered investment advisor, Tiburon Capital Management, an event-driven fund manager. Peter was the Chief Investment Officer and Co-Portfolio Manager of Tiburon 2009-2017.  Peter formerly was a Managing Director at Millennium Management, the New York based Multi-Strategy hedge fund where he managed an allocation of the Millennium Partners flagship fund employing identical event-driven strategies. Previously he was Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of  Robeco WPG Distressed and Event-Driven Funds. 

Mr. Lupoff's experience in deep value equity and distressed investing strategies began in 1990 when he began working with Marty Whitman of Third Avenue Funds. Peter's deep value, bottom-up approach is largely informed by this experience. His acumen and theses regarding risk and trading to defend NAV are informed by his experiences with Izzy Englander and Millennium Management. Funds Mr. Lupoff have managed or co-managed have achieved awards such as GAIM's Top Performing Emerging Distressed Manager, MARHedge's Event-Driven Manager and an Institutional Investor nomination as Hedge Fund House of the Year. Lupoff Friends and Family Interests' proprietary BRACE investment methodology was conceived by him, a bi-product his tenure with these storied investors.

Through the Lupoff/Stevens Family Office, Peter and the Family are signatories to The Responsible Digital Financial Inclusion Guidelines, DivestInvest, with a commitment to divestment of fossil fuel investment to hasten sustainable  energy transition, The Belonging Pledge, committing to racial equity initiatives and formed a partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund, to forge public/private impact investment in the 47 poorest countries. 

Mr. Lupoff is a regular featured discussant on academic papers related to, and consultant to, The Federal Reserve Bank regarding market shocks and liquidity. Mr. Lupoff is an outside director of  various unaffiliated investment entities and consults family offices and heirs, hedge funds and other institutional asset managers regarding investment policy, legacy, responsible investing, conflicts and liquidity and liquidation execution. Peter is a featured, contributing columnist, writing with a focus on the intersection of politics, sports and pop-culture, as well as financial markets matters.