The World’s toughest problems can be solved by our young student-leaders seeking to generate sustainable solutions. Such solutions must make market sense in order to also be sustainable, as well as address particular social and/or environmental objectives. Our young people deserve financial, practical and academic support in order to confidently pursue opportunities to make a difference for people and planet.

Arable land is essential to agriculture and the World’s ability to feed its population. The scale of arable land has a direct bearing on our capacity to feed people. Similarly, it is our view that we must increase the number of Impact Investing practitioners who work to ameliorate the World’s ills. Human passion to address social and environmental challenges, practitioner’s energy, endurance and ingenuity will power favorable impact for people and planet. Increasing our “arable” practitioners will have a direct bearing on our capacity to reduce hunger, poverty, improve upon social inequities and climate challenges. Investment in expanding the number of passionate Impact Investing practitioners can hasten and enhance social and environmental gains.

Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.