Harmonizing purpose, capital, Activation to Drive a Just and sustainable world

inspiring and equipping emerging leaders 

Peter Lupoff is the Chief Executive Officer of 160,000+ NexGen member organization, Net Impact. Net Impact's mission is to inspire, equip and activate emerging leaders amongst students and professionals, who seek to bring positive change to the world's most pressing challenges. Net Impact has over 460 chapters in over 40 countries.

Net Impact believes in the unlimited potential of NexGen leaders to change the world.

​​​ What's New?

Expanding impact investing practitionership 

Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute is a non-profit institution, making stipends to select students in support of their acceptance of impact-oriented internships, employment and projects. Awarded students, our "NexGenRegen Fellows" also produce, or assist in producing research exploring the less discussed complexities of Impact Investing, seeking to assist the movement towards mainstream and reduce dysfunction of traditional investment thought. DONATE!

Lupoff Family office - 
Impact investing

The Family seeks financial return along with measurable social/environmental impact, investing as LP's in Third Party Managers. The Lupoff Family's impact objectives include: Wealth Disparity, Social Inequality and Justice, Climate Action and Financial Inclusion.

Lupoff Family Office in-house staff make all investments.


Peter Lupoff is a Gabelli Fellow at Fordham University, focusing on Social Innovation, Corporate Responsibility and Impact Investing. Peter was Fordham Gabelli School of Management's Executive in Residence (2018-19). He was formerly, Advisor to student-managed funds at Yale University and Special Lecturer to select students at Yale, Yale SOM related to Impact Investing and Investment Research.

Impact Investing teams taught by Lupoff have been finalists in the Wharton Total Impact Portfolio Challenge in 2019, 2020 (1st Place) and 2021.

Lupoff Friends and Family Interests LLC is the Family Office, the holding company of the various activities, including investments, social and environmental programmatic activations, academic work, advisory and projects, of Peter M. Lupoff and Family.

​The Lupoff Family Office is committed to achieving a just and sustainable world, seeking acceptable financial returns along side demonstrable social/environmental impact benefiting people and planet from our 100% Impact/Responsible Investment Portfolio. Our investment mandate and policy objectives support social and climate equity and justice. We are a signatory to DivestInvestpledged divestment of all fossil fuel investments and The Belonging Pledge, committing to address racial equity through investment.