Peter is a
Fordham University Gabelli Fellow, at their Center for Research in Contemporary Finance. Mr. Lupoff continues his work related to Impact Investing, Social Innovation and Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability in this role. Peter is Director of Strategy for the Responsible Business Center, a think-tank housed at Fordham. Additionally, Peter was Fordham Gabelli School of Management's Executive in Residence (2018-19). Mr. Lupoff was Advisor to student-managed funds at Yale School of Management and Yale University, where he is also a Special Lecturer related to Impact Investing and Investment Research (2016-2019). These educational initiatives were an outgrowth of his Tiburon External Research Project, or TERP, investment educational initiative conceived as part of Lupoff's asset manager, Tiburon Capital Management (2009-17), geared to make the academically trained prospective investment professional, 'street ready'. TERP explored some Lupoff held theories on investing from this tabula rasa, or clean slate from which it’s younger TERP Analysts can work without the impediments of what has always been done, or how we do it here, without influence from the conditioned, or older thinking practitioners, custom or culture. 

Lupoff has been an advocate of teaching from an academic and practitioner point of view- seeking to narrow the gap between academics and practitionership, enhancing the prospect that his students, more formidable and connected upon graduation, can be effective and accretive to employers promptly, thus enhancing a student's chances of hire and impact in fomenting a just and sustainable world through their work activities. Teams of students of Peter's have been finalists in the Wharton Total Impact Portfolio Challenge for five of the last 6 years : 2019, 2020 (winner), 2021, 2022, 2024.

Peter is a frequent speaker on Impact Investing and Social and Environmental issues. Further, he routinely does private, in-house seminars and workshops related to impact investing and Next Generation matters.  

Peter Lupoff is a Member of the Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium and a Sorenson Impact Institute Global Impact Leader.


​​​Objective:  Hasten Change by Narrowing the Gap Between Academics and Practitionership to put Next-Gen in the Position to Influence Global Impacts.