​Our Investment Policy Statement is Available Upon Request

The Lupoff/Stevens Family Office is committed to achieving a just and sustainable world and seeking acceptable financial returns along side demonstrable social/environmental impact benefiting people and planet from our 100% Impact/Responsible Investment Portfolio. Our investment mandate, grant-making and policy objectives support social and climate equity and justice. We are a signatory to  DivestInvest, pledged divestment of all fossil fuel investments and The Belonging Pledge, committing to address racial equity through investment. 

​Family members may take Board and/or advisory roles, from time-to-time, with select investment managers.

Investing Philosophy & allocations 


  • Public Equities and Fixed Income (Socially Responsible Investments) are first evaluated and scored, via our proprietary screening tool for:
  • ​​ESG - The public company's assessment of record and disclosure related to Environment, Sustainability and Governance
  • GC -   A normative assessment of the company based on the four core principles of the United Nations Global Compact ("GC"): human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption
  • This is lower "intentionality" investing, that is, seeking to do no harm, favoring better corporate stewardship, sustainability and those that benefit people and planet

  • ​LP Interests via Third Party Impact Funds (Targeted Investments), seeking market financial return plus measurable social/environmental impact, presently favoring:
    • Early stage investment in managers that are women and/or people of color
    • With social/environmental objectives that coincide with Family Impact Objectives
    • This is higher "intentionality" investing - seeking to drive capitalization versus "crowding out" other  capital



  • All investing has impact
  • "Traditional" is better described as "amoral" investing. Take a stand with your capital - money is a tool
  • There is no trade off between market returns and social/environmental impact unless choosing to be a "catalytic" investor
  • We invest in public securities (equities, fixed income) via ESG/GC screens, omitting extractive industries, among others
  • ​We make targeted investments for impact, via outside managers, self-identifying as "impact", and demonstrating market returns and measurable impact
  • Our impact objectives are social justice and inequality, climate action and financial inclusion, and their intersectionality
  • ​The Lupoff/Stevens Family Office invests in the 47 poorest countries via partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund
  • We are signatories to DivestInvest, pledging divestment from all fossil fuel investments, and The Belonging Pledge, forwarding racial equity through the investment lens